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in virginia, before that was mitt romney in colorado as this last- minute campaign marathon continues, 48 hours before polls opened in much of the country. it is sunday, november 4. it is not just a presidential election, but the presidential races getting a lot of attention. virginia is the home to the most expensive race in this cycle. "60 minutes" will be looking at the senate, with -- with former minute -- former members saying that it is bogged down with gridlock. republicans are expected to hold on to the majority in the house, but democrats are expected to gain seats. we will begin with this question, very simple, as we wind down this presidential campaign, tell us who will win and why. host: as always, you can join us on facebook, send it to e-mail --, or send us a tweet at spanwj. let's go the battleground states and the headlines, courtesy of the newseum this morning. from "the cleveland plain dealer," it is all about ohio. meanwhile, "the sunday tribune review," "pennsylvania still in play." pennsylvania is shown at a dead heat. 47% for the pre
, 2012. election is squadder days away. post campaigns released details on where obama and romney will be making their final appearances ahead of next tuesday. their schedules and with the swing states that have received so much attention. but as we look ahead to election day this morning we want to open our phone lines up to voters and non-swing states to hear what you think about campaign 2012. we want to hear how motivated those voters are in non battleground states are about the election. and enough on the issues that matter in your state. give us a call on the democrat's line -- 202-585-3880. on the republican line at -- 202-585-3881. and the independent line independen 202-585-38802. and you can catch up with us on twitter, or e-mail us at good morning to you. i want to assure you that 2012 battleground map we have been featuring for the last week or so here on the "washington journal." assuring the swing states in this election. this morning on the washington journal, we want to hear from the voters in the non-yellow states. everyone else in a blue, give
of delegates and a mitt romney co-chair for virginia. and the virginia democratic party chairman brian moran will join us from loudoun county, ground zero for the state of virginia in this presidential election. first, this update from c-span radio. >> its 8:33 a.m. eastern. an update on new york city following sandy. some of the subways are rolling again. and a train pulled out of penn station three days after the tunnels were flooded. the chairman says 14 of the city's 23 subway lines will be operating today. none of the trains will be going into lower manhattan. it is still dealing with a massive black out. the subways usually carry 5.2 million passengers a day. experts and shoreline advocates a new jersey should consider protection of coastal areas as a massive -- major part of any plan to rebuild areas ruined by hurricane sandy. they say redevelopment plans should include relocating homes and businesses farther from the shoreline, building more seawalls, and keeping sand dunes high. in the aftermath, it's back to the campaign trail for president obama. he is scheduled to appear in wisco
obama, mitt romney, writing in to "usa today," sharing their opinions. president obama says -- "do not give up, we have had a rise in jobs and a rebound in growth." governor romney says -- "we need a new beginning." looking at the headline of "the wall street journal," it gives us an idea of where the candidates were over the weekend. you can see them in these key battleground states, places like cleveland, ohio, and president obama in cincinnati, ohio, also making stops for mitt romney in new hampshire. president obama in places like florida and wisconsin. if it is a question of voting issues in florida, let's look at "the miami herald." election officials shut the doors to headquarters, angering voters, resuming the proceedings one hour later. the question here is on early voting in the state of florida. it was an attempt to allow more people to early vote, it devolved into chaos and confusion just days before the nation decide its next president. election officials -- host: so, questions there, in florida. let's cut to the phones and hear what you have to say. joe, the morning,
50% of the popular vote. mitt romney at 48%. votes, 3 0 the democrats have increased their number to 190, it does not add up to 435. some races are still on call. and in the senate, democrats remain in majority. currently at 51, republicans at 45. some races are uncalled. here are some of the newspaper's. usa today -- obama triumphs, midwest is key, political divide remains. years the wall street journal, obama wins. and the washington times, obama wins second term. and the new york times, obama is a night. it talks romney for a second term in a bruising run. and washington post, a second term. here is your turn to weigh in on what happened last night. we want to hear from you. the numbers are on the screen. democrats -- 202-585-3880. republicans -- 202-585-3881. independents. 202-585-3882. you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. you can make a comment on our facebook page,.,com/cspan. and if you make the comment under the posting that says the president has been reelected. your thoughts, we will get to those quickly. here are some updated results. >> but this take a look a
should say that yesterday mitt romney did can see florida. we do know obama well when those 29 votes. that gives him a total of 332 electoral votes. host: thank you for joining us. always informative. we are taking your calls this morning on what issues he wanted the president to address in his second term perry will go to the phones. sheila is on the democratic line from alabama. caller: good morning. i would like to see the economy get better. the second issue i have a problem with is the education system. those are the two things i would like to see get better. also, if i could i would like to make a comment. the people over at fox news and this glen beck character, i was looking at those people yesterday. they were doing a lot of name- calling yesterday. they said that the people who voted for obama were a bunch of idiots. i would just like to say that they are doing a lot of wining now. host: let's stick to looking forward for the next four years. how confident are you on the issues you brought up that the president will be able to get some traction? caller: i think it is going
. mitt romney makes stops in hampshire, iowa and colorado. in colorado he will be joined by his wife. that is at the fallen for the 5 tonight on c-span and c-span radio. you can go to for details hid for the next 45 minutes we are looking at a key house and senate races. e seats a 45th stat likely democrat. we will take a look of those the little. we love to hear from you about the house and senate elections in your state. how you plan to vote, tell us why. 202-585-3880 -- democrats. 202-585-3881 -- republicans. 202-585-3882 -- in the 10th independents. you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. you can send us an e-mail at or reach us on facebook -- here is a map. 46 democrats as far as the seats are concerned. a 43 seats now in a lot for republicans. any good to the top of states, they look at 11 toss ups. in ohio, virginia, wisconsin, those for some of t these dates toss ups. again, if you want to give us a little in the foot of the house and senate's races you plan on voting on come here are the numbers -- you can send us a tweet @cspanwj
. live video from both the obama and romney headquarters. plus, you can get reaction as well. again, join us tonight. we invite you to join us at 8:00 starting on c-span. listen to it on c-span radio. also tune into for more information and other information concerning election night 2012. for our first 45 minutes, we want to have you weigh in on why you decided to vote or perhaps why you decided not to vote. and here is how you can best reach us at the bottom of your screen -- you can also put something on our facebook page or tweet us and also you can send us an e-mail. again, for our next 45 minutes why you decided to vote or why you decided not to vote. the headlines from the battle ground state newspaper, the "miami herald," final countdown. polls open at 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. that's the "miami herald." the end of the road, clinton stops here. -- clumps here, romney finishes tonight. the columbus dispatch out of ohio, it's decision time. poll hours, 6:30 a.m., 7:30 p.m. the subhead, the last push. a big choice on the government's role is how they decided to headline the s
of the republican party with the former chair. bill press will be joining us in 15 or 20 minutes. "romney is president." and what is next for the republicans? another piece from "the weekly standard." back to your calls. larry is on the democrats' line from ohio. caller: good morning. i think the grover norquist rule should be abandoned. we are americans. we all need to work together. republicans, democrats, and independents, this is our country. it was founded in a manner that we all live and work together. the pledge that they took on was a negative. it was not what we as the people of the united states voted for these people to do. it was something they adopted to do. it took the pledge to make president obama a1-term president. that is not something that we did. we just sent a message that was not what we wanted. this country needs to turn it around and work together. president obama and john boehner need to work out a deal. the house of representatives needs to work with a. we need to quit fighting wars on a credit card. lyndon baines johnson installed a surcharge tax to pay for the
the president. mr. romney had no plan. he was just saying the opposite of what the president was presenting to the american people. i do not know how anybody who in this position could get as far as he did with nothing to offer the american people. i just cannot understand. what were the americans thinking to even consider him as a candidate? he had nothing to offer. everything was derogatory or nonexistent or was just arguing about what the president was doing. host: you sound like a passionate supporter of the president. caller: i am a passionate supporter of the country. i want somebody who will help the american people to progress. i want to see america -- host: you want compromise? caller: yes. make no mistake about it, he has people that would have the country completely destroyed rather than try to bring the government to a conclusion where everybody will benefit. there are some people who feel other people should not exist or have benefits and they will do everything possible, spend all their money, this route the government to prevent other people from having a happy life -- disru
that is the issue that governor romney was attempting to promote. the fact of the matters we have a substantial loss of manufacturing jobs in ohio between 2008-to dollars and 11. we have not recovered some of those jobs. -- we have had its intention loss of manufacturing jobs between 2008-2011. to say chrysler will not be producing in china is incorrect. they have admitted they are in the process of opening a plant there right now. host: do you say governor romney could have done better in how he presented at ad? vice-president biden called it "flagrantly dishonest" and said they're trying to scare the living double out of the people who had been hurt so badly over the previous four years before we came into office. guest: look, and not going to get into individual ads in television. if you have lived in ohio in the past six months, you have been bombarded. it is one thing the average person will talk to you out on the streets, the negativity of many of the ads and the accuracy of many of them. i know "the washington post" said it was not "pants on fire." there was some accuracy. i will just leave i
and is looking at what needs to be done. he has worked at that very quickly and in his campaign. mitt romney it is still out there campaigning put them on a show. he acts like his supporters were donating. i feel like he will not work across the aisle for the whole united states of america. he has a vision of the 1% and is a firm believer that the 1% will take care of everything else. he does not believe in government. he does not believe in big government. host: another article in "politico" -- next call comes from mississippi on a republican line. what do you think? caller: i think governor romney would reach across the aisle. president obama definitely has not ever reached across the aisle. he pushed his obamacare through without any thought of what the people of america wanted. he is limiting health care for the older people. he is trying to pretend he really cares about people by going to these flooded areas, and that is not going to wipe out his record of working against the people of america. host: on our independent line, gabriel. caller: i think that overall, the party that would be
the future of the republican party as it ponders itself. one headline says romney is digging a deeper hole for the party. we want to hear from republicans only for the first 45 minutes of its monday edition. what do you think the future of your party is, what do you stand for, and what should you stand for moving forward? here are the numbers -- ere's the "washington times" this morning, the governor of louisiana, bobby jindal. the talk continues in the party about what to romney has had to say about why he lost to the president. [video clip] >> first, governor romney is an honorable and exceptional man. i'm proud of campaign reform across the country, but i absolutely reject what he said. we as a party must campaign for every single vote. we want people to like us. we have to like them first. you don't insult people and say that their votes or what. we are an aspiration party. let the democratic party be the one that says we will divide people by race, gender, class. we republicans believe are conservative principals are good for every voter. it's not just a marketing campaign. we will go
: did you vote for the president or governor romney? caller: oh, i voted for the president. host: that's mark in akron, ohio. we want to show you the response by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, republican of kentucky, who writes -- host: lindsey shultz sent us this message on facebook and says she agrees -- host: back to the phones. jay in cincinnati, ohio, is on our line for those making between $100,000 and $250,000 a year. jay, you're on the "washington journal." caller: yes, yes, sir, thank you for taking my call. i just got a quick comment to make. being somewhere in the middle class, slightly hedging up towards the upper middle, basically what i'm saying is what would really help me is -- and i think a lot of people like the tax bracket -- we did the right thing before the recession, during the recession. i just feel that they lift some of the mandates and tax it on the poor and give you access to your money for, like, say two years, you're allowed to take money out without getting clobbered. i think that would inject a lot of money inside the economy very fast. there's a
-- and this in the l.a. times this morning -- nine catechists signed on including mitt romney to grover norquist pledged. -- nine candidates. the signatures and went on office walls like trophies, but an increasing number of republicans are moving away from his pledge and reassessing their resistance to any kind of tax increase. gene has to say in jackson, michigan. caller: i think they should let it expire on the first of january. cutting entitlements, the national debt, $8 trillion of that is money spent from taken from social security. they are trying to do away with it without having to pay it back. they want to keep the $8 trillion. the tax code worked fine when clinton was president and it can work fine again. host: we're asking republicans what you think about republican flexibility on the anti-tax pledge. here are the numbers to call if you are a republican -- sara is our next caller in edgewater, maryland. caller: good morning. if the republican party continues to do what it does with no tax increases, a social attitudes that they have, they obviously don't recognize the country has cha
a republican. i did vote for romney, the election is over, and i think our republican representatives should represent the republicans of the party. i wish the president obama would have opened up to the mom-and- pop businesses instead of the big corporations and the unions that were there yesterday. i do not feel the $250,000 c going it is fair. those people struggle to employ people. to keep communities going, restaurants, franchises, grocery stores. it seems like the corporations are taking over the mom and pop, and i hope the representatives in congress keep representing the republicans. host: nancy, what you think about letting taxes increase of people who make $1 million or more? caller: it is not a bad idea, but i find it ironic. this is the first time everything president bush did is respected by the democrats. that is up to our leaders in congress, $250,000 is ridiculous. i think it is a job killer along with other regulations and obama-care. guest: it raises the great question. why should small businesses and families pay higher taxes to pay for president obama's spending? it is no
been a distraction. i don't think mitt romney would use this for political purposes. ."et's not take a chance it might be embarrassing. obama had appointed petraeus. host: the fallout on the cia? the impact of this on the cia? guest: i do not think it will have an impact. people on the hill are furious that they were not informed. robert muller has had a good ride with the congressional committees. his reputation is pristine. the fbi has been rolling up terrorists every several months. we have a lot to be grateful for bob smalmueller. i think he will take a fall. host: who do you think might succeed general petraeus? guest: speculation is always wrong. michael morrell is a big possibility. he is highly respected across the board. if brennan wants to take the job, it will be his for the taking. host: tyrone, thank you 4 waiting. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a brief statement and a couple of questions. have you ever held a political office? host: if you've had a political office in washington? guest: no. host: what is your point? caller: i am an independent. i'm not def
after the election that he was surprised that 30% of hispanics voted for mitt romney, because of how he portrayed immigrants. so, we get back. then we have the interview that barack obama gave right before the election, where he said that immigration was essentially his top priority after they saw the budget crisis. host: we can read a little bit of that as well. guest: i was shocked when i saw it. it was amusing, because first it was off the record, then it was on the record. if this is your top priority? health care was his top priority in his first term and you saw how you stack up. i covered the immigration bill going to the senate in 2006- 2007, and it was bigger than i could have ever imagined. it turned into this massive conversation that was emotional and complicated. i thought, wow, that is a big issue. host: what barack obama said in that off the record phone call was that the second thing he was confident would get done next year was immigration reform and that he would be very blunt -- "the big reason i will win a second term is because the republican party has so alienated
dollars. i was amazed at how fast the democrats adopted mitt romney's -- for these home deductions. these people want to go around saying obama, obama wally is cutting your social security and medicare in your home deductions are really happy. we are not in this for nothing. nobody cares about us because we want to be so proud of president obama. and let him defund social security. the democrats have no intention of ending the debt ceiling now, because they want to give away more democratic priorities. we hostages. when the republicans have not given anything yet, that is what you get here you get your priorities cut. because you did not say a word. so sit back in your house and yelled obama, obama while he takes all of the food out of your mouth. host: let me echo some sentiments your efforts to facee spending resistance. the two senators, the story often notes that this is what they would like to see from the president. they want him to start negotiations at a one-one ratio. putting them in line with many in the parties that want to see a harder line taken by democrats. some advo
, romney to meet for lunch at white house. the white house revealed that the men will have lunch in the private dining room of the white house. it will be their first extensive meeting ever other than their three debates during the fall campaign. they have had only a few brief encounters. while in washington, mr. romney also reportedly will visit with his former running mate paul ryan of wisconsin who is heavily golved in the g.o.p.'s negotiations with the obama administration to solve the government's fiscal cliff. since the election, mr. rom knit has secluded himself from the media at his southern california home making no public appearances but has bad photographed killing his car at a local gas station and taking a day trip with his grandchildren to nearby disneyland. linden in bristol, virginia on our democrats line. the g.o.p. says to address the spending problem, what do you think? caller: i kind of agree more with the president that it should be a balanced approach. yes, we probably do have a spending problem. i agree. but i definitely believe that there is a problem with
for governor romney during the campaign. so he is someone who believes in this cause and we're bringing together a very large group of people that will be part of it. but the idea is to raise money and to be able to exercise our free speech and talk about the fact that we support immigration reform, we can't give money to candidates but we can surely talk about issues that you know that correspond to certain candidates in certain districts and regional gones and this is the way to make change. we can't just keep talking about it and can't assume this problem is going to go away. so i'm very, very pleased to be giving this another shot. because we've tried this before and we have to fix it. it's one of those things that we have to confront and we have to fix. we can't ignore and up until now we've been sort of punting the ball down the road, iing norring it and the situation gets more complex. we're talking about families now. we're not talking about individuals but kids who have been in school who don't know any other country but the u.s. it's time to come to terms with a mistake that a
after his failed bid as mitt romney's running mate. the budget he pushed through no longer does enough to clean up the nation's fiscal miss. in the race for congressman alan west's house seat -- one more political story -- former presidential candidate obama wins president a balmy to gifts. we will talk more about politics in a little bit with our guests, congressman ron paul. let's take a few more calls about your confidence with the national security team. caller: give me a moment or two, please. first of all, i am a democrat and i am for the troops. look at this. to's compare for lives lost 7000 lives lost over a lie. condoleezza rice supported a lie that bush had no intelligence that would not have stopped 3000 americans killed on our own american soil. he also supported a lie there were no weapons of mass destruction that cent over 4000 american military personnel to their deaths as well as tens of thousands of iraqis to their death. let's be honest about this. i do not know what senator mccain and senator lindsay are about, but they are hypocritical. they give such glowing report
reading e- mails and i am is sending stuff to fox news and romney and everyone else. yesterday i am not sure -- guest: i am not sure i understand the question. i did not know if e-mails had anything to do with the election. in the petraeus case, the e- mails may have been linked to the election. host: what about the fbi as far as the e-mail connection? guest: at the risk of sounding tin foil hatty, there is a long tradition of intelligence by protecting your source of coming up with false stories of how you obtain information. he cracked another country's encryption codes and you intercepted off of a wire and you cook up a story of how you had a break-in at the industry -- embassy and that the information that way. there might have been ways they were doing surveillance on intelligence people that they would not want to make public. paula broadwell became jealous of what she perceived as a filtration -- flirtation with her boyfriend and began sending e-mail from an anonymous account to this woman and her boyfriend. kelly reported this to the fbi. i cannot stress how absolutely bizar
. it is no secret that the israelis preferred to see met romney become president. that was an issue. but he felt he did a lot and did not get anywhere. the economy, the fiscal cliff bear, and asia is now a new priority. he has a lot of other priorities. does he really want to do this? unless there is a reason to do this -- in some ways, when you look back, you can say that there is something to be said for the united states sitting back and the parties coming to intervene. this has happened in some ways here. even the israelis who used to think that, you know, with obama intervening, he will put pressure on them. when they are in a bind, as this was the case, and your needs to be some political horizon, or they go into -- cat political benefit out of this. they still need the united states. in some ways the parties themselves will have to learn that if the united states is indispensable. they have got to get involved. the with the actual negotiations that happen now, between israel and hamas, the united states was not a direct party. any reason is that the united states does not have a relationship
a couple of things. the other day i did a little bit of math. mitt romney makes $20 million a year without having a day job. if that was the average working person in america who whould work 50 weeks a year in a 40- hour week, that would be 2000 hours. i did a little bit of division and figured out mitt romney makes about $10,000 an hour. i think he could probably afford to pay a little more. secondly, i am glad you are a tea party nominee. i can bet you have lost two elections. now, keep it up. guest: what you need to do is you need to incentivize people to put their capital at risk. it is very easy to say they can afford to pay it. i want to go back to the basic fact that if you are running a business and out of $100 of income, if i am able to keep $60 of that versus $50, i will be able to reinvest that. very few business are taking money out. they are reinvesting in it and increase in wages and paying for health care. when you reduce at the margins the ability to reinvest, you are going to harm economic growth. it is a sad part in our history where we have come to the point where we are
with pros and cons for mr. romney or president obama. and we don't need that kind of foolishness in america. we need to make up our minds and do what we know is right. that means getting out of votes. and vote for the people you believe in and why you believe in them. and don't be swayed by the commercials you see on tv. my grandfather gave me good advice that i share with everybody. he said before you plan to argue a point, do your homework. that is just as true with our elected officials. if you are going to support somebody in office -- for an office, do your homework, find out what they stand for, meet them, talk to them, hold them accountable. host: so don't just vote along party lines? caller: exactly. host: in trenton, tennessee, dolly, independent caller. caller: good morning. i agree with the gentleman who just got through talking. once you put people in their, you corrupt them. then when they make decisions you say i will back you up. don't put people in there and then knock them upside ahead. host: how did you vote in this past election all the way down federal and state? caller:
in the oval office with his foreman opponent, mitt romney. according to some it was a private launch the featured turkey chili and the actual conversation that never happened while two presidential nominees are come paining against each other, they pledge to keep in touch and maybe even work together all that according to what happened behind closed doors, the two men themselves never faced reporters. as you look that the picture, we will go to the independent line. caller: hello. hi, i'd like to know what happened to the cuts to the military spending. we're hearing about these entitlement cuts but whabbed what about the medical taxpayer cuts? when are we actually going to see returns from that? and what about the savings we were supposed to get they called it affordable care act not obama, where are the savings? all we're seeing is more taxes, but i'm not seeing where are the doubts our big-budget items like the military. host: all that was mentioned as far as the $4 billion and entitlements. >> but where is the military cuts? host: what do you think about what is put out on the tab
population is probably be 47% that rummy spoke about. -- romne abouty. -- romney spoke about. guest: i have a daughter who lives in fairbanks, alaska. my son-in-law is in the 101st airborne. she says, if it ever gets warm enough in alaska, you could walk around barefoot and oil would come up through your toes. we have an abundance of oil all over the united states. we need to develop our own resources and get out of the way of the oil industry and others. shale is a the new way to produce more energy. break away from the independent on foreign sources that may not always be friendly toward our country. 7 and $16 billion cuts in medicare -- $716 billion cuts in medicare -- mr. ryan came forth with a plan to save medicare. that was a step in the right direction to save medicare for future retirees. in medicare as we know it occurred with the passage of the affordable care act two years ago because of the huge cuts to medicare. the independent payment advisory board, 15 eurocrats will make decisions based on cost and cost alone. the-bureaucrats -- bureaucrats who will make decisions on cost an
ginsburg. it was very important for the ideological makeup of the court whether barack obama or mitt romney is president of united states because it justice ginsburg had left and another conservative justice came in, that could have changed the balance of the court. if, in the next four years, only justice ginsburg leaves, the presumption would be that president obama would pick somebody else who is relatively liberal and that the ideological balance of the court would not change. it would be a big deal if justice scalia or justice kennedy for one reason or another left and were replaced by obama -- an obama appointee. i would not bet on it. host: we are taking your calls on the supreme court in the near term and longer-term issues. john from texas on the republican line is next. caller: good morning, i am very familiar with the hubbub about the affirmative action deal in texas. i'm a former teacher. we have an inconsistency in standards among our bicycles. students graduating from high year to year high schools are much better prepared for college than kids from the inner cities. what we f
have a simple message about mitt romney's presidential bid. we told you so. the commentary section of the washington times -- republicans are white males and old and there must welcome new demographics. let us go to shows up in texas on our line for democrats, hello. caller: good morning. in is been a while since i got on here. host: go ahead. caller: i think the day that the support for israel goes down, it will be bad. we need to support them 100%. people that are against support for israel, they should look out there putting the weapons in churches and stuff. they should be outraged. i know there will never be peace between israel and palestinians. it is in the bible. host: on twitter -- only supported them with resources, no boots. on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. thank you for the last caller. he stole my thunder. my christian a pitifully the united states must stand behind israel -- i am a christian and i believe the united states must stand behind israel. our love of israel and the birthplace of jesus christ must be strong. iran has threatened to blow it of
for the wealthy expire and they should expire. that has been litigated in the election in terms of what mr. romney's position was and what president obama's position was. the president has gotten the greatest voted total for reelection in -- of any president in history. he was saying we need a balanced approach. we are getting out of a recession. it is still a tenuous recovery. we need to invest in education, infrastructure and we need to find some revenues. that is part of the fight in washington in the next month. host: you believe the tax cuts should expire for the wealthiest americans. what would the impact be on the tax cuts expiring for middle- class americans and others? guest: this election was about how we recreate in a imagine the american dream for those who want to be in the middle class and those who want a broadens middle class. of course, it would hurt. that is part of the reason why they talk about it as sequestration and talk about it as a real deadline. we need to maintain the middle class tax breaks. we need to maintain a balanced approach. the labor movement is trying to push a
romney who had an effective rate of 14% last year, when he made millions of dollars in investment income, and there are proposals, as warren buffett has, where people who make $1 million should pay 30%. host: the average tax percentage is about 10%. if you look it this chart here -- host: eric, rome, georgia. caller: i have an article here that says why congress will not tax the 1%. it tells you about the congressman. 261 are millionaires or billionaires'. the top republican, darrell issa, is worth $441 million. dick armey handed bush a budget for 10 years, and it squandered the surplus. what the article states is they will not raise taxes on the 1%. it is because they are the 1%. host: use of the number in that article is -- you said the number in that article is 261. caller: are millionaires or billionaires'. guest: the caller makes a good point, that the wealth of people in congress has diverged from the average wealth of americans, and a colleague of mine wrote an article looking at this trend, as over the last three years the average net worth of members of commerce has grown extrem
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